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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. yes, indeedy, you made it, everybody, to tri-day friday, october 19th. so glad you're with us today. >> yes, we've had a week of "scandalous" previews. >> we're almost through the first week. the reviews are in from our viewers. people keep writing into our facebook. we love you guys write in. nina writes this, "kathie lee, we loved "scandalous" on friday night, can't wait to see it again.
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the powerful voices, the exciting visuals, the humor, the hunk. >> pretty much naked the entire second act, nobody seems to mind. >> they were very sweet. >> so sweet. you know what blows my mind, hoda, every single night, lovely foursome yesterday said we drove in from ohio. it just means the world. >> wow, wow. >> i was having -- i was at gallagher's right beforehand and they were at another table. the guys, of course, were saying -- frank, where's frank? you want to talk to him? so i died up frank. poor frank, he was on the phone 20 minutes with these guys talking about ohio state football. it's making people happy. >> it's really great. and we're starting our wednesday lunches next coming week. we look forward to meeting you. at gallagher's. >> i'm going to try to talk frank on doing it saturdays with me. i don't see him otherwise. bring your husband on a saturday matinee. trying to work that out. >> meet the gifford. okay. so here's our headline.
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suri meets siri. we'll explain. suri is on the horn, as she's known to be. she's talking on the phone. sometimes you see her in high heels, sometimes with a fancy bag. now she's got her cell phone. anyway, there is a question about whether or not kids suri's age, how old is she, six? >> i think she's six. >> whether or not kids like that should have cell phones. she's next to her mom, so clearly she's not, you know -- >> maybe she has a special phone she uses to call her daddy. that could be that. i think phones, first of all, we don't know enough about them, i'm sorry, with the brain yet for developing brains. mine's -- forget it, no hope for my brain, but little kids who are developing, i'd like a little more research before i'd give a small child a cell phone. but in today's world, you want every tool you can have to keep your children safe. so i think i -- >> go for the phone?
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>> once your child is leaving the safety of home in one way or another, i would give them a cell phone. i would put real reservations on it. >> i think there's got to be a way you can just dial certain numbers. can't have all the access to the internet and everything else. >> i should be for emergencies. no downloading of porn unless you're at least 10. [ laughter ] what a world. never have to worry about that when i was growing up. let's talk about parenting. this is so funny, you guys. you're going to like this. this is called "prep for becoming a parent" in the daily mail. things you should think about before you become a parent. >> these are the steps, whether you're a parent or not. these are funny. step one, preparation. ladies, to prepare for pregnancy, stick a big bean bag in front of your moo-moo. after nine months remove 5% of the beans. that's what it will be like. >> that's what it's going to be like. men, go to a local chemist, tip your contents on the counter and tell the pharmacist to help himself.
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go home, pick up the newspaper and read it for the very last time. >> step two. >> find a couple with children and suggest ways to improve their sleeping habits, toilet manners, overall behavior. enjoy it. last time in your life you have all the answers. >> step three, to discover how the nights will feel walk around the living room for hours at a time carrying an eight-pound wet bag. sleep an hour and repeat for five years. >> forget the bmw, buy a practical five-door wagon. buy a chocolate ice cream cone, put it in the glove compartment, leave it there. insert a coin into the cd player, take a box of cookies and smash them on the seat. >> just leave them there. it doesn't matter. if you pick it up it will be more tomorrow. >> step five? >> conversations with children. repeat everything you say at least five times. start talking to an adult of your choice. have someone else continually tug on your shirt, hem, or shirt sleeve while playing a recording of "mommy, mommy, mommy."
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over and over. you get the joke. >> here's step six, the last one. put on your outfit for work, mix a cup of cream and lemon juice, stir. dump half of it on your nice silk shirt. do not change, you don't have time, go directly to work. >> that's preparation for parents. >> i like that. i'm into that. >> or else make sure you find a really great nanny and enjoy your life. this is interesting, if you wonder what kind of a style you have, home decor, clothes, all that stuff, there is an app that helps you find out what your style is. >> it's from home goods. >> here's the deal, if you look closely, there are 36 photos, some of them show beads, lips, glass of wine -- whatever. >> i didn't see a glass of wine. >> i know, i would have picked it too. any way, you click on five of those things and thep they do some kind of crazy thing and they spit out what your decor personality is. >> which ones did you pick? >> mine, i picked the flower
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floating, the buddha, i don't know if you see it there -- is this mine? anyway, i picked some other ones. bottom line is, when it was all over, mine is spa life. look at mine. look at me. breathes calm into the whole world. that's what i do. >> and to those who inhabit it. since when? >> i understand how to create inner peace in my own home and my home feels like a calming spa. >> have you ever been to your home? >> namaste, baby. >> i like mine. in other words, hoda was faking the test. >> i like the beach. i have a framed buddha, it's a framed picture. i like white flowers and my apartment is all white. >> so is mine. they are quite different. >> let's go to your chart. here's what you picked. things we can't see. you picked the beach and bright colors. >> peonies, they are my favorite flowers.
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you want to believe in miracles look at peonies. layer upon layer of beauty. so i am boho with a touch of country. carefree, adventurous, passionate. can't get enough of foraging for a good deal. that's not true, and matching silk and knit textures and vibrant colors. >> go to it will be fun to do. style esccpp. >> i said esccpp,yes, i did. >> you know what, websites are hard. here's the thing, we say them, people don't remember them. we say them, they go what did she say? >> you have to go on our website to get it. i wouldn't be able to show you how to get on our web site but i can tell you to go do it. all right, here's the thing, if you got to get here by land or by sea, here's the thing for you. >> let's pretend you commute and have to go over bridges and who
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wants to waste that kind of time driving. instead of going over the bridge and having to pay the toll, why not get one of these? it's a car/boat. >> it's called a quad-ski. >> apparently, you drive into the hudson and drive across it. then you get out and it turns back into a car and it can go 45 miles an hour. >> up to 45 miles an hour on water as well. >> it's pricey. >> $40,000. >> who's going to buy it, come on. >> i'm going to save my pennies. when i drive in in the morning, i can see new york city from the backyard. if i could get on my dock, get on a quad-ski. and go over. be a little damp. but that's why god made laura and mary, dry me off, donna. >> i like the name. >> quad-ski. are you ready for friday's funny? come on, stop it. [ laughter ] >> what is it? >> he was urged by his wife to send us this one.
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by we know what that's all about. a man and his wife were awakened by a loud pounding on the door, the man goes to a door where a drunken stranger standing in the pouring rain is asking for a push. not a chance, says the husband, it's 3:00 in the morning. slams the door and returns to bed. who was that, asks his wife, just some drunk guy asking for a push. did you help him, she asked? no, i did not, it's 3:00 in the morning and bloody pouring out there. you have a short memory, says his wife. don't you remember about three months ago when we broke down and someone helped us? you should be ashamed of yourself. god loves drunk people too, you know. the man got dressed, called into the dark, are you still there? yes, comes the answer. do you still need a push? calls out the husband? yes, please, comes the reply from the dark. where are you, asks the husband? over here on the swing.
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[ drumming ] you know, it's really hard to find jokes that aren't dirty that are funny, but i want to thank them for sending it in. let's bring on our good friend ms. bobbie thomas. >> getting thinner by the minute. is this all wedding prep? >> no, it's not. it's just a good outfit. >> by the way, going to be a bridesmaid. >> tonight, tonight. i'm so excited. megan coff is getting married to brent, who's a wonderful man. >> we're all going to be there wishing her well. >> really excited about the latest and greatest in hair care you can think of like makeup and laura, our hair maven said she wants everything on the table. okay, first up, primer. think of makeup primer for your face, this is a company called living proof, jennifer aniston just invested in.
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you put it in your hair when it's wet, whether you want a curly style or straight style, it keeps the style ten times long. it's amazing, works really, really well. next, this is like powder for your hair, just like makeup powder on, it's so hot right now. volumizing powder. it's so hot right now you can keep your hand on it. >> what's the reason? >> you pump -- >> come on. >> the powder will help blend in at the root exactly -- >> this is laura we always talk about. >> what do you do with the powder? >> brush the powder in and it gives you amazing volume all of a sudden without hairspray. >> you have the world's greatest hair. >> laura has the best hair on earth. >> on the go, you can give you that fluff. but this is one of my personal favorites, dry texturizing spray. it's like using hairspray without the stickiness, without the moisture. it keeps your hair in the perfect place. >> hoda hair? >> last but not least, this is foaming gloss from rita hazan. this is like lip gloss for your locks. you put it on in the shower
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between shampoo and conditioner and it helps you extend color between coloring. so you don't want to pay as much at the salon. >> i love it. >> bobbie, you're great. >> the best. >> thank you. all right, we have got to talk about this bracelet. it is a beautiful bracelet. it is for breast cancer, it's called vineyard vines, by them. 25% of the proceeds goes to the breast cancer. $75. >> put that on, hoda woman. >> okay, i shall. this is an unbelievable woman, helen hunt and john hawks literally bare their souls and a lot more. >> 40 hours of naked truth about what's going on under those covers. >> what's really going on. the critically acclaimed drama called "the sessions." right after this. for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon
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donuts? ♪ [ chuckles ] ♪ you're cute. ♪ [ door creaks, closes ] [ female announcer ] the protein effect. new special k protein cereal. with ten grams of protein and three grams of fiber... finally, a protein cereal to help keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? the new drama "the sessions" is already garnering oscar buzz. >> a writer crippled by polio hires a sex surrogate to take his virginity. take a look.
2:20 am
>> how do you feel right now? i meant your breathing. >> fine, in fact, better than usual. >> that's great. shall we get undressed? >> sure. >> and there we have the beginning. hi. i first heard about the premise of this, i just thought, oh, wow, tough. i honestly didn't want to watch, because it was like -- painful. and it is, it's painful in such a human way, though. we grow to love the character that you play so much. and to see this need in him just to be a full human being. and it takes judgment away from it at that point, you know? >> it does. it sounds like a downer, but it's an entertaining movie, it's funny. >> tons of humor. when you saw the script, you first saw it -- >> before you ask me about being naked, i'm going to drink. >> was that one of the things that made you say, yeah, i'll do
2:21 am
it, or no, i won't? >> sorry, i'd like to answer, but i'm drinking. it was a beautiful script. like john says, it's not just funny, you can't hear the next line because people are laughing so hard funny, we couldn't believe it. when it premiereded at sundance. >> let's say, you look great. >> you look hot. i mean, come on. >> why don't i drink through every interview we've done so far? . >> i have to say, when a beautiful woman undresses, as an actor, you're playing tennis, banging the ball back and forth, but to lie there and not be able to help when helen hunt came up, that was the acting challenge of the picture. >> it was heartbreaking, wasn't it, hoda? >> it was. we were watching your character, so believable by the way, you believe every single thing you're saying or doing, how did you learn the right way to play this character? >> who's not crippled, by the way.
2:22 am
>> he's a polio survivor, so he's not exactly paralyzed, he just can't really move. he's got sensation, but his muscles have atrophied. he can't move. mark wrote on autobiography, and in which he described his body, a cue for me to figure out how to play him, and a short film called "breathing lessons" from the 1990s showed me mark's body, voice, attitude. >> you got the voice perfectly. >> thank you so much. i learned to type with a mouth stick, turn pages of a book, make telephone calls. >> the other part that's so fascinating is the spiritual journey your character is on as well, because you're a roman catholic, william h. macy, one of the greatest actors, plays your friend, but also plays a priest as well. you go to him for counseling. tell us what that is about. you go to the priest to say is this okay to do. >> well, mark, in real life, who
2:23 am
wanted his journey blessed, bill macy is a very understanding guy, it's berkeley, the late 1980s, different kind of priest somewhat. gives mark a lot of advice as a friend. i think mark found it very helpful. >> your character, it's interesting, while you're doing what your job is, which is to help this wonderful guy, you're married at home and have a whole different dynamic with your husband. talk about that. >> it gets complicated. >> yeah, i describe in the movie what the real cheryl cone described to me, which is the difference between a prostitute and a sex surrogate. she goes out of her way to say i have nothing against a prostitute, but it's different. a prostitute wants your return business, and she doesn't. she wants to help you realize your potential and go out into the world. and she said that mark told her that, to him, it was like he was standing behind a plate of glass and the rest of the world was enjoying this feast that he would never taste. so before he died, he wanted to be part of that.
2:24 am
>> nose pressed against the window, yeah. >> it's a beautiful movie. >> it's pretty extraordinary. "the sessions" opens in new york and los angeles today. >> we're excited to have you two. >> the oscar buzz -- >> isn't that fun? >> you've won one, you've been nominated. we just say good luck to you. >> all right, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. coming up next, sara haines is going across the street. >> to do the side step and get the questions we want to answer. we sidestep them all the time, we never tell the truth. hoda does. >> stop talking. please, stop talking. plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy
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it is time for 3, 2, 1 live with sara haines. >> they are party animals, sara. what questions are they going to ask us today? >> i am with diane from pennsylvania, who enjoys dancing in her free time. diane, what's your question for the ladies? >> i want to know if they walk around in six-inch high heels.
2:29 am
>> diane, diane, diane. >> not exactly six. >> let me see what mine is. >> the minute the show is over, diane, i take these babies off, i'm in my boots and off to "scandalous." i wear flats the rest of the whole day. >> i leave mine on. i've gotten used to them. i don't know why it is. sometimes i get the nike air, you know what i mean, so they are a little bit comfy. >> most of the time she goes bowling in these babies. >> i don't even bowl, diane. don't listen to her. >> got a ball in her purse. >> goes bowling in those high heels. >> next up, okay, i guess i'm getting cut off. >> sara, quick one. >> dance, dance, dance. dance it out. when in doubt, dance. we're going to talk about things that make you go boo, make your halloween party a real scream. >> did somebody really write that? . and spooky travel destinations for you and your family.
2:30 am
and ghoul to cool. how about this, frankie valli is in the house from jersey boys. love him.
2:31 am
2:32 am
we're back with happy halloween today. and some party tips that will scare your guests with style. >> that's right, go beyond the traditional orange and black and throw a cookie, spooky holiday bash. >> nice to see you. >> we're taking it up a notch from the traditional stuff, right? >> this isn't a kids party, this is a halloween party for a stylish grownup. start with a dark table cloth, some orange place settings. these are really fun, fangs. >> what's more fun than fangs? >> that's a great one. >> for the center of the table, find really great orange and black halloween-themed candles. these great candelabra.
2:33 am
from home goods. >> looks expensive. >> totally not expensive. black papers would look nice. >> put a little skull, nothing more appetizing than that. >> all right, allison, what's next? >> we want it to be fun and kind of creepy. these are our specimen jars, which are just water, food coloring, a little milk to make them murky and throw the glow sticks in the bottom. >> what's this one right here? >> ten fennel for heart, cabbage for brains. these are eyeballs. tell you how we made them in a minute. great centerpieces, white vases you have at home, orange flowers, any ribbon that matches. >> these are beautiful. >> these are even for your, you know, diy challenge. all it is is you're going to grab a paint brush, paint some white glue on, and sprinkle with glitter. we chose some sophisticated glitter colors.
2:34 am
it makes such a style statement. they could be on your mantle, table. you could go ahead and throw some glitter on. >> i love to do this kind of stuff. >> get some glitter. >> i am getting the glitter, hoda, woman. i like to do things meticulously. >> choose a halloween theme like ghoul. >> nice. >> i'm sorry, i'm loving this. >> she's going to be here all day. >> i am. >> next part of the party -- >> go, you can't keep playing. >> really fun part, of course, your drinks. you can make these great drink stickers that warn your guests at the very beginning, drink if you dare. orange-flavored vodka, go ahead and make your drinks. orange juice, flash of proseco. >> it is orange-flavored vodka. >> please, start mixing your drinks. >> orange-flavored vodka, hoda. want some cubes? >> what are these cubes? >> ice cubes with black food coloring. these are great, your garnish are eyeballs. these are canned, strawberry preserves with a blueberry.
2:35 am
>> that's clever. really clever. >> they are edible. great for putting inside your drink. >> excellente. >> you can also have these on >> okay, what's next? >> these are great other drinks for the rest of your guest this is really fun, if you look inside, it's a head and green hands inside your punch. the green hand is simply filling colored water and freezing it inside of a surgical glove. and the head is a mask. you can duct tape the eyes and freeze them and put them inside. >> seems like an awful lot of trouble for people that are going to be drunk. >> spiced or virgin. >> look at these! >> these are spiked apple cider. these are heads that are carved. cut the apple in half. >> can you see it looks like a head? >> carve them out like a jack-o-lantern.
2:36 am
>> i'm going to go back and finish. >> stay here. >> also want to feed your guests, so we came up with fun halloween themes. these are cookies. >> hoda, take a cookie. >> i was trying not to do sweets. >> they are butter cookies. these are a rack of ribs. >> what happened? >> in the middle is an apple and a knife, so it looks really scary. you can cut it up. >> smells awesome. >> what is this? >> yummy mummies, piece of sausage, meatball on top wrapped with fettucini. great work. >> how's your finger? >> not great. >> thank you. >> back to the drinks. essential oils that are actually good to put on your face right after this. >> i think i'll put the mummy back. i want to finish my pumpkin. que?
2:37 am
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time for today's beauty. probably thought the last thing to do is put oil on your face, but that is no longer the case. >> here with the essential oils that will add a healthy glow to your skin and shine to your hair is lilliana vasquez. >> she does that when you're here. >> i like her. >> she's adorable. >> you don't think of putting oils on your face. it clogs your pores. >> that's what we've been told and programmed to believe, but those oils are synthetic oils. the oils you do want to put on your face are natural, essential oils. that's because they are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and nourishing for the skin. and moisturizing. >> take us down the table, girl. >> we're going to start with peppermint oil. peppermint oil promotes healthy skin and hair and revitalizes and smells nicely, too. this is from erno laszio.
2:42 am
it's great for preventing acne. >> i like the name, it's been around forever. >> forever. once a week. >> all the great movie stars. >> i want to smell the peppermint, that's lovely. >> great lotion all over your body. >> it really revitalizes the skin. this is from carol's daughter. people don't conditioning their scalp, just about conditioning their hair. peppermint oil is great for conditioning your scalp as well. >> all kinds of hair types? >> all kinds of hair types, but vary how much you use it, depending how dry. next we're talking about almond oil. almond oil is full of vitamin e and d. almond oil helps with anti-aging benefits. june jacobs makes a fantastic moisturizer. you don't want anything too strong on your face. >> especially if you wear a perfume or something. >> exactly. my favorite body butter for the winter, it really gets in there deep, nourishes your skin head to toe. then i call this liquid gold.
2:43 am
it's from rodan. >> i got it on my nose. >> this is a hair oil. what's great about this, you can use it as a hot oil treatment, put a few drops in your regular conditioner or you can use it at the end to kind of condition your ends throughout the day. >> okay. >> okay, next oil is tea tree oil. >> really healing. >> really healing, antibacteria, naturally, which is great for people into homeopathy. this here is just their face wash, i love this, super gentle, very effective. even on sensitive skin. ahava also makes a hand cream, fantastic as well. if you want a great shampoo for healthy, shiny, thick hair, jason makes this one. it's a tea tree shampoo scalp treatment. if you're nourishing your scalp you're four irk your hair. -- you're nourishing your hair. literally, the root of great
2:44 am
hair. >> cute. >> right? i worked on that one. it's on my notes. i remember talking about argan oil, the most popular one. this is an oil you can use for your face, your body, or your hair. it's all in one, if you're wondering which one to buy, this one from lierac is is fantastic. >> is it expensive? >> this one is a little pricey, because it's a pure oil form. this is an entire line with argan oil. you don't think about adding it to your sunscreen. it repairs damage while protecting your skin. very important. >> very smart. then loreal makes a great budget-friendly buy, moroccan oil. >> clever the way they package it. >> works just as well. great for after the shower, in the shower. i love moroccan oil. last but not least, eucalyptus. i'm not going to spray it on you. it's a great toner but really nice. has aroma therapy qualities and great if your skin tends to get red, especially in the winter. >> like a rosacea.
2:45 am
>> exactly. it soothes that, anti-inflammatory naturally. >> and one for the guys, didn't forget about the guys. this is what men love. this is a great product here, it's a bath wash and hair wash. after the gym, guys tend to be sweaty, dirty, antibacterial, naturally, use it. >> look how smart she is. >> thank you. buckle up, we're in for a scary ride. >> trips for halloween next. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel. getting ready for the weekend. overall across much of the country it's going to be quiet. there will be some spots with rain, especially up here across the ohio valley and into parts of new england. a few spotty showers in the morning. the clouds are going to be around with us. the southeast is looking great. beautiful fall weather. lots of sun. pacific northwest unsettled for several days. we'll have rain on and off in seattle and snow coming down in
2:46 am
the cascades. eventually down into lake tahoe we're expecting the first snow of the season. 59 in chicago later today. temperatures are slowly warming across the upper midwest here into the great lakes. gets even better on sunday. here's your sunday forecast. temperatures start to climb back into the 60s and even some 70s will be on the map. all ahead of this cold front. that cold front by monday could bring us some severe weather to the nation's heartland. enjoy the 77 in kansas city because it gets stormy for us here on monday. all the way down into texas. 69 in louisville. looking dry in the northeast with highs in the 60s. here we go right along this cold front we will see some storms maybe even damaging winds spread from texas all the way up into the missouri area there around kansas city. 59 in minneapolis, getting cool again behind that system. and look at all that weather in the northwest. rain at lower elevations. snow for the cascades. then by tuesday showers across
2:47 am
the bay area, we're expecting the rain to begin here on monday. low clouds and fog it could slow you down at sfo and snowfalling in the sierra perhaps into lake tahoe. 49 salt lake city, 52 in billings on wednesday. showers to advance up to the east and impact the high plains. and thursday continuing even into the great lakes. remember you can wake up with al week day mornings at 6:00 a.m. on the weather channel. doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ [ chuckles ] ♪ you're cute. ♪ [ door creaks, closes ] [ female announcer ] the protein effect. new special k protein cereal. with ten grams of protein and three grams of fiber... finally, a protein cereal to help keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose?
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it's time for today's travel halloween edition. spooky travel destinations, whether you're looking to be scared senseless or want a family-friendly fall getaway. >> travel and leisure magazine digital projects editor sara spagnolo is here with lots of great places to take your trick or treating on the road. >> hey.
2:50 am
>> take us to colorado first. >> one of my favorite places on the planet. >> the stanley is a hotel in estes park, which is a bit out of the way, outside of denver. a lot of people come. it's the hotel that inspired "the shining." >> creepy. >> a lot of ghosts here, particularly in room 217, which is haunted by ms. elizabeth wilson. go there and experience all sorts of paranormal activities. >> was she murdered? >> she was the maid, packs and unpacks your bag. not spooky but okay. any event, said to be a lot of paranormal activity. they throw a huge halloween bash. it's almost sold out. if you're interested, book now. rates start at $169. >> what's the closest airport? >> denver. >> universal studios in florida. they always do a good job at everything. this too i guess, huh? >> holidays is where they really shine. halloween is no different. they do it up right, and the lowe's royal pacific resort -- >> stop, finally. first mistake she has made in four and a half years.
2:51 am
>> we're so glad. >> oh, oh, thank the lord. all right. >> thank you. >> let's try again. we give redemption around here. >> the resort puts together this huge package, so you can explore the amusement park, do the activities, then retreat to the hotel, 300-thread count sheets, gas fireplaces throughout. amazing price. $200 per person per night, 90 degrees in october. if you're looking for a getaway, perfect weather. >> hollywood knows how to do it. they have something called holly ween. >> this is a 95-room, recently renovated hotel right on 3rd, close to the beverly center, some of my favorite boutiques in l.a. it's a boo-tique hotel, you can go to a great party in west hollywood, have access to bloody brunch, great bloody mary, short ribs and hash. great time. $289 a night. >> that sounds great.
2:52 am
>> delicious. >> some people just want to look at the foliage and things. >> exactly, perfect spot in new jersey, cape may. a lot of people think of anytime the summertime but perfect in the fall when you have incredible fall foliage. the virginia hotel puts together a great halloween package, so you can take a trolley through the town that's said to be haunted by a 5-year-old ghost named sarah. so say hello for me if you see her of course. this is the most affordable hotel i'm talking about today, rates start at $140. they throw in the trolley tour, great halloween escape. >> awesome. >> thank you. >> the thing is, sara, never see her with a note in her hand. >> in her brain. so darn cute. >> i like her now. the woman has proven, finally, she's human. >> i'm glad. >> thank you, honey. celebrating 50 years of great music. >> our friend frankie valli is on broadway. yes, we have an announcement. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:53 am
2:54 am
2:55 am
hearing the first hit song. back in 1962. over 50 years ago. >> to help commemorate that anniversary, frankie valli is headed to broadway for a limited concert engagement singing anything from big girls don't cry to oh, what a night. >> every song. >> happy to be here with you
2:56 am
guys. >> we love you. i actually saw you perform recently for a benefit. for the angels trust foundation. and you were as enjoying it as much that night as 50 years ago. >> well, you know, sometimes i think about people and the occupations that they have, and what could be better than to be doing something that you absolutely love? >> nothing. >> for most of your life. >> stop, though, they don't. they say i'm going to enjoy the good life now. you're not doing that. >> this is the good life. >> amen. >> you know what's great? the fact that jersey boys, by the way, a show that most people have come to new york have seen, gave a second look at you, a generation probably wasn't as familiar, watch this and fell in love. did you ever think it would have these kind of legs? >> never. from the beginning when we started out and it was just a workshop, i thought it had
2:57 am
something, and i was just happy to be able to get it to land on broadway. >> huge accomplishment. >> but to go as far as it has, i mean, there are six companies. >> all over the world. and i walk into our little "scandalous" every day, and there you are right across the street from us, and i go, please, god. >> tell us about what your show is going to be like. >> it's so great that show. >> jersey boys is awesome, still. >> our show is going to be strictly music. we're going to be doing a lot of the songs that we had success with and people are coming out to hear and see, you know, so that's what we'll be doing. >> frankie, you're known for the falsetto, the amazing voice of yours, you still got it, unless you're faking it. you hit those notes. what's going on with that? how are you still hitting those notes? >> just have so eat a lot of birdseed? >> birdseed? >> in your cereal every morning. is that the magic? >> it's so cute to watch him up
2:58 am
there. of course, you got new guys with you. >> yes. >> but the sound is the same. >> wow. and what do you notice, in terms of the audiences, the people now coming to see you, because you have a certain crowd. we have a security guard -- john. >> grab him. grab him. grab that security guard, come here, john. you know him every time you come here. >> of course i know him. he lives for the times that frankie valli comes -- >> hi, everybody. >> this is our big john, everybody. >> come here. >> sit right here. >> we love john. >> he's not mic'd. speak into my chest. tell me what you love so much about frankie valli and the four seasons. come on, tell the man why you love him so much. >> i can't see -- no. [ laughter ] i'll try to get them out of the way. go ahead, tell them. >> all the good memories from jersey and all over where i've seen them. many, many places. okay. >> had to do it. had to do it.
2:59 am
you bring back a million memories for people. >> i got to go. >> bye, john. >> you're also making new memories. for a lot of people. >> just having fun. basically, that's what entertaining is all about. >> sure is. >> we're out there entertaining. there's nothing slick about anything that we're doing. we are just having a great time. >> that magical three-letter word called fun. by the way, going to be made into a film now, right? >> right. >> jersey boys is going to be a movie, it should be. it's so whimsical. >> it's going to be a warner bros. distributing it. john fabro is directing it. >> good, he knows what he's doing. >> graham king productions. >> excellent! >> see frankie valli at the broadway theater starting tonight through october the 27th. >> guess who's coming to see us monday, live performance by barry manilow has an announcement. you think you're the only one? >> we have a lot coming up on monday.


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